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Treatments with additives

Hemp oil bath

konopi320 CZK

Positively influences the effect of the bath on the skin. Prevents skin from drying.

Sea buckthorn oil massage with Juniper

jal300 CZK

Massage relieves the feeling of tiredness, improves blood circulation and relieves musculoskeletal problems. Sea buckthorn oil is a biogenic stimulator, the skin has a highly regenerative abilities.

Sea buckthorn oil massage with cinnamon

skorice300 CZK

Massage combined with appropriate physical activity reduces the appearance of cellulite. Oil warms up the skin and increases its strength and flexibility. Seabuckthorn oil contains large amounts of antioxidants, thus slowing down the skin aging.

Juniper wrap with sea buckthorn

jalovcový zábal180 CZK

It softens and moisturizes the skin. Contained juniper essential oil relieves rheumatic problems and promotes muscle tension and relaxation. Designed wraps the legs, back, arms and other body parts.

Hemp body wrap

konopi180 CZK

Contains 90% hemp oil. Hemp oil is used as an effective aid for eczematic skin, psoriasis, itchy and problematic skin. It is also suitable for dry skin and skin exposed to daily stresu.Hemp oil content increases ceramides in the skin, thereby increasing its natural barrier function. Hemp Wrap dampens signs of aging, moisturizes and improves skin elasticity.

Cinnamon wrap with sea buckthorn

konopi 180 CZK

Blood circulation in the skin, gently warms, strengthens and deeply hydrates the skin. It helps to revitalize the subcutaneous tissue and thereby reduces the appearance of cellulite. Designed wraps the legs, buttocks, arms and other body parts. The wrap is applied evenly to the skin and body keep warm blanket appropriate. When used on strong signs of cellulite it is advisable to bandage the affected area of foil. In combination with lymph drainage bandage is undesirable. Wrap leave for at least 20 minutes. Effects should promote adequate fluid intake and adequate pohybipovou activity.

TIP: Cinnamon wrap with sea buckthorn + lymphatic drainage by electric device = 250 CZK

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